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What to wear?

Great question! Clothing can make or break a photo. I recommend wearing layers as much as possible to add interest and texture. I also recommend clothing with texture, such as chunky sweaters, leather jackets, clothing with ruffles, buttons, ribbon, embroidery, anything that has some character to it. Feel free to bring a couple changes of clothing to the session. Accessories can add a lot to a photograph! So, go wild with hats, scarves, funky boots, tights, and any other accessories. Choosing clothing for a family session can be really difficult. Try picking a few complementary colors and sticking to them for the entire family. Keep each person a little unique but stay within the color scheme. You are unique and beautiful all on your own – let your clothing reflect more of who you are… let it be an example of self-expression!

What happens during a photo session?

I generally begin each session by meeting my clients, introducing myself and discussing the goals of the photo session. My goal is to capture the personality of your family or child through fun, real, candid images. I want everyone to have a great time and feel comfortable during our photoshoot. Come to your session ready to have a good time! Happy, relaxed people make for some outstanding photos!

Where will the photo session be?

There are a variety of settings and locations from which to choose, all of which influences the look and feel of the photos. Please let me know if you have specific ideas or preferences!  Locations can be just about anywhere: downtown Tacoma, Ruston Way, local parks, your backyard, a nearby field, train tracks,a fun industrial area or just about anywhere you can image. To best use the time allotted for your photo session, we’ll usually meet at or near our planned location. I have a few props, like big empty frames, a tiny turquoise chair, vintage suitcases, and other fun stuff, and would gladly welcome any unique, antique, retro, or themed props that you may want to utilize. Let’s be creative! Of course, due to the rainy nature of Tacoma and the surrounding areas, the weather may sometimes give cause to reschedule a photo session.

How long does a photo session last?

I like to shoot for a minimum of one hour. However, the length of a shoot is generally dictated by who I’m working with (and that is often determined by the number of wardrobe changes & the specific goal of a session).